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Stay up to date with East Florence!! This page contains updates of our member who are sick & prayer list for friends & family of our members, funeral arrangements for members & friends & family, & upcoming Gospel meetings & Gospel singings in our area & is updated daily.


If you have any updates please call or text Jason King at 256-762-4317 or email jasonrking@bellsouth.net

Please call our newsline for updates to our sick list at 256-764-1935. Dedra Sheffield will be hosting the newsline for March so please contact her if you have any updates.

Updated for 3/3 Wed
*New updates for Wed

Our sympathy is with the family of sister Ginnie Winn in her passing

Let's remember our brethren who are unable to assemble with us: Agnes Briggs, Bernice Eaves, Cleo Riggs, Wayne & Mearlyn Riner, & Myrtle Thompson.
Please take the time to call, visit, or send a card to help encourage them.


Dickey Howard will undergo hernia surgery this Fri at ECM

Susan Spurgeon is home & still unable to be out

Marie Williams is home not feeling well

Ellen Hill is home with arthritis pain

Judy Thrasher is home not feeling well

Jackie Fields is home with breathing problems

Katie Howard will receive her test results on the 9th

Joan Narmore is home not feeling well

Carrie Seal is home not feeling well

Michael Roberson is home with a virus

Bob Olive is home sick

Zoey Ramos is home sick

Let's keep in our prayers:

Judy Thompson's sister-in-law Karen Thompson will begin a new round of cancer treatments this week

Tonya Henderson's grandmother Mary Kennedy is in Mitchell Hollingsworth Rehab



Gospel meeting schedule:

April 12-17, 2015
Colby Junkin

August 9-14, 2015
Lanny Smith

April 10-15, 2016
Frank Richey

August 7-14, 2016
Danny Graham

East Florence prayer list:

Brother Jerry Henderson who we help support in his work with the Sunnyside congregation in
Sunnyside Washington

Brother Marc Gibson who we help to support in his work as an evangelist at Central Church of CHRIST in Tampa, FL.

Brother Marc Smith who we help support with his work in spreading the Gospel & helping teach & train preachers of the Gospel in India. 

Away at college:  Trey Richardson

Those who serve our country in the military:
Dylan Hogue:  grandson of Steve & Susan Spurgeon
Bradley Gilbert:  son of Dewayne Gilbert
Justin Veach:  friend of the Caraway family

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